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( Mar. 6th, 2009 12:03 am)
  • 00:46 @gigglestheblood You are made o awesome! #
  • 16:17 @slacker_97 you're pure class, sweetheart. #
  • 16:26 @slacker_97 I vote she hates children. #
  • 16:53 @slacker_97 In Soviet Russia, Swedish Fish mock you! #
  • 23:23 Conference fun. There's a hot Indian guy here to talk about the Stanza app. I unintentionally gave his sales pitch to Sigrid. LOLZ ensued. #
  • 23:25 I miss @slacker_97 b/c he's good for the cuddling. And @gigglestheblood. she's the only one who gets me! #
  • 23:28 Now a riddle for y'all. Which part of the male body produces "happy juice"? The answer may surprise you! #
  • 23:33 Answer: The glans! According to a recent book I've seen, the male glans produces "buckets" of it. The More You Know. #
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