• Had dream last nite that I got lost on my way to work, rejected by some jerk who tried to pick me up, stranded at a waterpark, and robbed #
  • I should be writing, but I'm looking at the 12 Worst Photoshop Mistakes EVER. My fav is the ball player w/o a head tinyurl.com/6rv5xf #
  • also last.fm radio has played Mull of Kintyre twice in past 45 mins. Weird. #
  • last.fm is also convinced if I only listen to Art Garfunkel enough, I will love him #
  • Today's teaser for GH actually made me CHEER OUT LOUD! #
  • Lucky is REALLY pretty in HD. And God, I hate Kate. #
  • @levarburton Excited? I already got my tickets for the "midnight" show! WOOOOOOO!!! #
  • Don't even want to watch Make Me a Supermodel tonight. It'll be too sad to watch @colinsteers go home. ANTM sucked tonite too. #
  • @tinaburns I just call him Michael Hottie. That's easier to pronounce #
  • @tinaburns He's particularly hot in Tombstone as Johnny Ringo. #
  • @VivienDean @tinaburns only because Tombstone is the GREATEST FILM EVER MADE! #
  • @viviendean @tinaburns Michael Hottie was in Aliens?! Must watch asap. #
  • The Devil's Advocate in hi-def makes me insanely happy. Oh Keanu, you're so pretty... #

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