• Today is going to be Bill Murray day. Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, and Stripes. Seems like a good way to spend a Sat afternoon w/Beatrice #
  • had dream that editor rejected current sub with rather harsh words. I hope I'm not psycho...er...psychic. #
  • it's like I've never really watched TV before. It's a whole new experience. Ghostbusters looks awesome. #
  • Bea Arthur died :( She's my hero. I love her. "Shady pines, Ma!" tinyurl.com/cy99hr #
  • The Dinos in Jurassic Park look AWFUL on the new tv. Just FYI #
  • RT: @rifftrax: RT @Gorbash: Mathmatical proof that @RiffTrax makes Twilight 126% better. twitpic.com/404lg - Funny stuff! #

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