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( Jan. 13th, 2009 02:09 pm)
I'm teaching a class called The Novel. He called me yesterday at 3:45 and asked me if I could start teaching that night. Being a glutton for punishment, I said, "Sure!" The books I was given to teach are Frankenstein, The Awakening, and Sea Wolf. There are only two students in the class, and as a group, we decided to toss out The Awakening and go with Dracula.

So, I went from basically not having any work to do this year to teaching three classes and working as a TA on Thursday nights. It's also bizarre because I've always been a student. This is the first semester of my life where I am only a teacher.

I'm also really happy to be teaching The Novel because I love teaching literature. I think it's going to be a lot more fun than my two composition classes. Of course, both my students admitted that they didn't like to read and they're only taking the class because they need that for their gen-ed requirements. Oh well--maybe I can do something to change their minds.
I'm working tonight. And by working, I mean I'm sitting in an empty room with a giant television on mute, and a computer with a messed up screen because it's plugged in to the projector that's not on. It's giving me a headache. And of course, it's a college campus computer, not an office computer, so I can't do anything good, like install Firefox or YIM. The version of Internet Explorer is so old that it doesn't even have tabs! It's like being thrown back to the fucking stone ages or something. Don't we have a civilization here?! And also, I miss my automatic spellchecker. It catches all my typos. The worst part? I can't even bring my laptop because I'm in a room with so much concrete that the wireless signal cannot penetrate (heh) the walls. I have my iPhone, and I wanted to listen to music on that, but I don't want to run down the battery because I have lastFM streaming. Whine, whine, whine! To entertain myself, I turned on the overhead projector. Now I can see my laptop screen as big as life! This would be awesome for watching porn. I probably shouldn't do that, but you know what else I have here? A dvd player. Nothing stopping me from watching movies--I have this place to myself until 8.

But my life isn't all bad...even though I'm stuck here for another 3 hours at least. I really like my new jobs. Yesterday's class went swimmingly. So far, I think I've got a good batch of students (I hope my optimism isn't misplaced. Their first assignment is due next week). They were very responsive and participated well in class. So that's something. If they keep that up this will be a very good quarter. Anyway, yesterday, after I taught, I drove a few miles up the road to SLCC to meet my new boss.

Who is very, very nice. We talked about a range of stuff, and the sense I got from him the whole time was that he was actually impressed with me! His admin assistant is also very nice. I love working with good people. There's a conference for the English dept on Saturday, and even though it's at an ungodly hour in the morning (9) I'll probably go because I need to meet everybody in the department, and get a bit of a refresher about teaching.

Today I came to the campus early and finished my new-hire orientation, and then picked up my parking pass (faculty/staff parking! WOO!) and my ID card (my faculty ID card! woo!). I also learned about my various benefits. For example, one of the largest departments here is the health and beauty or whatever they're calling it. The point is, I can get my hair colored for like $10. I also get 10 free massages every year, free access to the exercise facilities, access to the faculty shower-room/lounge, and if I teach for 4 semesters, I'll get my tuition waived. Which isn't too shabby.

Yesterday, as I drove home, I was just really, really happy. I know that my money concerns haven't magically disappeared, and this month is going to be ridiculouslly tight. But I'm stilly really happy.

Meanwhile, did anybody watch the Barbara Walters interview with Patrick Swayze. That was some weird shit. First, she asks the dumbest questions. Has she always been this way? Second, you could tell it was very, very heavily edited. Like the Swayze just rambled for forty-five minutes in response to each inane question, and then they just took the most coherent 30 seconds. And third--holy shit, he's just like Dalton! I mean, I read somewhere that he said that Road House was the film that most closely matched his own philosophy, but I didn't that shit seriously. Who would? But no...he's Dalton. Right down to the bizarre metaphors and declarations that pain don't hurt. Me and [ profile] gigglestheblood were very conflicted. I mean, it's not funny to mock a man dying of cancer! But on the other hand, The Swayze makes it so easy. Besides that, we mock because we love. I mean, ask [ profile] slacker_97.

In conclusion, I'm so bored!

Lemon out!


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