Title: Watch
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kirk gets a mirror...he wants Spock to watch. PWP. Sequal to Taste and Listen, but can stand alone.

When the captain of the USS Enterprise asks for a full-length mirror to be brought to his quarters, it happens without question or comment. The two crewmembers who ultimately fulfilled the order shared more than one look between them, but they didn’t say a word, and neither did anybody else. Spock didn’t even say a word, though its unexplained presence in the sleeping area did raise more than one question in his mind. Kirk didn’t volunteer an explanation, either.
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Title: Listen
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Set after Taste, though it can stand alone. Spock listens as Kirk dreams. PWP.

The ship was never silent. Not even when the third shift was on the bridge and the lights in the crew decks were dim. Music floated from behind closed doors. Very soft melodies from countless cultures, countless planets, countless time periods. Except for the crew members who were from worlds where music either didn’t exist or was unpleasing. But even from those quarters often came the sound of voices, of snores, of heaving breathing, of moans. Then there was the sound of computer, the whistle of various intercoms, and the whisper of doors opening and closing. Below all that, so low that nearly everybody on the ship naturally ignored it, was the soft hum of life support and the engines.
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Title: Taste
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Set in the movieverse. PWP. Spock really likes the way Kirk tastes after a stressful situation. There's not much more to say.
Word count: 2,000 words

Jim Kirk was a difficult man to read, and yet, he was an open book. Spock always knew when he was happy, angry, relieved, tired, annoyed, frustrated, and even hungry. Even when he sat on the bridge with his back to the Captain’s chair, he had a pretty good idea of what Kirk was thinking, feeling, experiencing. Of course, that might have been because Spock was experiencing the same things. But at other times, in other areas, Spock couldn’t even begin to guess what was happening in Kirk’s mind.

That’s when he intrigued Spock the most.
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Title: Four Times Spock Was Faithful to Uhura (And One Time He Wasn't)
Summary: Set shortly after the events of the Star Trek 2009. Kirk is driving Spock crazy, and he doesn't even know it. I hope it doesn't suck!
Rating: R

Spock was cold. Since he could neither change his position nor influence the temperature by speaking, he chose not to mention it. His captain had warned him before they beamed down that Spock would probably find Omicron Persee 4 uncomfortable - a revelation that had actually taken Spock by surprise. Not because Kirk had been right, but because the other man had bothered to issue the warning at all. Despite that, Spock had thought himself prepared - and he would have been but for the sabotaged shuttle and the unresponsive transporter. Now they were stranded on a planet dozens of degrees cooler than he could readily tolerate, with no end in sight.

"Spock, are you all right?"

"Yes, Captain." The response was immediate, complete before Spock really had a chance to think about it.

"Are you sure?"

"Quite sure."

"It's just... you look a little cold."

Spock frowned. "Absent of physical response, which I have exhibited no sign of, how can one look cold?"

Kirk gestured at his own face. "It's in your eyes, Spock. You look miserable."

The words were not meant with malice - Spock knows that - but he suffered anyway. "Captain, my eyes cannot express an emotion that I am not feeling."
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