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( Feb. 13th, 2009 11:16 am)
Yesterday, I was feeling pretty good. The way it worked out, I had exactly the same meal as the day before, minus the sweetened whipped cream for dessert. At 5:15, I woke up with a horrible stomach cramp. The one I always get after eating too much lactose, and then I swear I'll never, ever eat like that again...until the next time. I spent several horrible minutes on the toilet, and the whole thing was quite awful.

So for the four days I've been doing this, three of those days I've been sick. It's not the meat, which was not at all turning bad, and was thoroughly cooked. Lindy thought it might have been expired salad dressing, but I bought fresh salad dressing the other day, so it's not that. Even when I have cream and cheddar, it's not that, because neither of those items contain lactose. And I'm pretty sure I'm not sleep walking and eating sugar in my sleep, since there's really not any sweet treats in the house. Bugger!

On the bright side, I found this awesome recipe website. It's all for baked food and most the recipes are 0-5 carbs! Which means, if I can find all the flour substitutes (might have to visit Whole Foods) I can make them now and feel a little less deprived.


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