• Me=Slug today. No reason to feel this sleepy! #
  • Just saw a commercial for fake nails. A lady opened an already open soda can to show how strong her fake nails are. Wacky! #
  • @colinsteers Ugh, I keep getting the same calls. It's really freaking annoying. #
  • One week until Star Trek! WOOOOOOOO!!!! #
  • @karmadownurgun It's technically Friday but I got tickets for the IMAX in Sandy on Thurs night at 10. #
  • @tinaburns yes, it is going to be the best movie summer ever. I'm also psyched for Terminator 4. #
  • I could only love @BrentSpiner more if he came to my house and sang the 1776 soundtrack to me. #

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