• I think my new tv has caused me to dream in high-def. #
  • New release today. Trust The Moon. "Forever an outsider...until love beckons her home." tinyurl.com/deterq #
  • @gweneiriol They were. And a few featured George Clooney! #
  • @wilw Wow, how have you missed Mermain Ave? You need to listen to both parts and also watch the documentary about the project. #
  • RT: @BillCorbett: Rifftrax Live! Beta test in less than an hour. Please retweet as you see fit: tinyurl.com/cmjoew #
  • I'm really bummed I missed the live @rifftrax today. Stupid, stupid work! #
  • Watched The Fountain today. Have NO idea WTF that was all about, but Hugh Jackman was amazing. #
  • Maybe The Fountain is like Requiem for a Dream, in that one should be high while watching it? (Haha, I kid). #

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