I have things in mind that I need to post, and I make a note to myself to do so, and then I forget! I actually don't like the fact that my LJ is nothing but twitter posts, especially since I'm not really updating Twitter too much either on a daily basis. So...let's start at the top!

Last week, I took Lindy to the clinic for her throat, and while waiting for her, I asked if I could use their scale. They let me, and I learned I've lost TEN POUNDS since the first of April. Yes, despite my lack of daily updates, I am basically keeping up on the diet. I have failed a few times--the weekends are particularly hard on me--but I think my daily habits have improved enough that I'm still losing weight. I've also noticed that my appetite is in general much smaller and I can't eat nearly as much as I used to. For example, this weekend we ordered a pizza--not on our diet I know--and a large salad. I started with my portion of the salad, and then ate one small slice of pizza. In the past, I would have two LARGE slices of pizza, and then maybe eat the 3rd one instead of saving it for lunch the next day.

Last week, we got a bit of cash, and so I kind of went a little crazy. First, I bought Wilco tickets for June 19 in Vegas. I was really worried I wouldn't get to see them this spring because of money/timing issues, but it's happening! I couldn't be more happy!

The second thing I bought was a brand new tv. Samsung, 40 inches, 1080i LCD, and it's so unbelievably beautiful. We spent the morning shopping for televisions on Friday and it was really difficult to get everything we wanted for under a thousand dollars, but this TV fit the bill perfectly. We've called it Beatrice, and I love it. I'm still plagued with guilt over it because that's the way I roll, but ultimately, it's a beautiful tv and it's not like this baby won't last us for years. And the XBox looks SOOO amazing. God. It's just stunning.

The third thing I bought was a wireless router. It's difficult having 3 computers on the same modem. We had long, ugly gray cords stretching from one side of this apartment to the other--and two of them were broken and becoming more difficult to use. Rather than replacing them, we just got a router. We did not realize that putting the three of us on a router would mean that we could have the computers "talk" to the Xbox, and thus, watch movies and stream other media from our harddrives. Which is extra awesome on our new television.

The fourth thing I bought was a new laptop. This one is actually the most upsetting purchase for me. Last year I bought a new laptop that I quite liked--in fact, it hasn't even been a full year. Since July, my laptop and I have had a fruitful, happy relationship. But little did I know that terror lurked behind the corner. You see, HP computers have a problem. They overheat. A lot. This overheating adds to a second problem that is also very common. The components shift due to the heating, and the keyboard's connection to the motherboard becomes loose and the keyboard itself warps. When this happens, the G, H, ", and backspace key stop working. Try to write a sentence without using at least one of those keys. Now try to imagine writing a book! I could have bought a keyboard, but the way the house is set up, and the way I use my computer, that wouldn't have actually helped me. After much research, I learned that even the "fixes" aren't permanent fixes. So I bought a new Compaq. It was pretty cheap for a laptop, and I'm digging it so far.

The fifth thing I bought was a registration to a writer's conference in June. It is a very, very small one. I am probably going by myself. And I have an appointment with an agent to pitch a book we're still writing. With airfare and hotel, it'll cost me $500. This makes me entire body twist with horror and guilt. It seemed like a really good idea when I registered, and I cannot give up the opportunity to meet this agent, but goddamn do I feel bad about it. Seriously, when I registered I emailed the person in charge of the appointments, and she said she had just given the last slot to another author, but the agent in question agreed to meet with me anyway. And she is really the perfect agent for us, and I so very much want to take our career to the next level. So I gotta do it.

The sixth thing I bought were tickets for Star Trek IMAX for the May 7th showing at 10:00. 9 DAYS!!!!!!!!

With the remaining money, Jaime is going to pay off two of our credit cards. It's only a fraction of our total debt, but it'll be good to be rid of it.
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