• Cover for our Queen of Diamonds, to be released in June! tinyurl.com/ctq66s #
  • Watch GH on hi-def. Nic's lips are all slobbery. It's weird. Otherwise, the show looks awesome! #
  • Sandra Lee is making guacamole with frozen peas, onions, and she's COOKING it. Is it wrong to wish death on her? #
  • Her avacodos are underripe. She's mashing it into the peas. I want to puke. Oh god. She puts them with peas b/c they're the same color! #
  • She made some sort of sandwich. Pesto chicken, coated bread w/ pesto, then added basil before grilling it. She put pesto in her pesto! #
  • Just bought 3 tix for Star Trek IMAX for May 7 at 10:00 pm. Just a little over a week! WOOOOOO! #
  • @BillCorbett that made me laugh more than it should have, I think. #
  • @michaeljnelson Maybe you should change your hair? Try a feather AND a mullet. Then we'll know you mean serious business. #
  • Watching Ashes of American Flags. Have I ever loved anything as much as I love Jeff Tweedy? My husband, but that might be it. #
  • @Lileks I agree with you re: Major Tom. #
  • @alydenisof Yes, sleeping when the baby sleeps is probably the best route to take. #

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