• Watched Star Wars Holiday Special last night. Didn't give me nightmares. Did make wonder why Lucas wasn't sent to the asylum! #
  • The Beatles, The Beatles (White Album), Don't Pass Me By #onebadsong #
  • @clastowka Oh good point. but WHP is short compared to Don't Pass Me By. I can ignore it. DPMB just drones on in Ringo's tuneless way. #
  • Lots of new trailers for summer blockbusters. But in the year of Star Trek XI, no other film matters. #
  • Watched Daisy of Love tonight. Probably will not watch again. Didn't catch my attention. She's no Bret Michaels #
  • Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job is really freaky on my new tv. I bet Xavier: Renegade Angel will be nightmare fuel. #
  • started watching Wilco's Ashes of American Flags. Literally clapped my hands with glee. #

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