• 1 lesson from childhood: Never let Lindy have red punch. Should have remembered. Red punch all over the couch & her shirt Won't forget again #
  • @rainnwilson Nurse Chappel! Nurse Chappel! It would be hot. #
  • Somebody let me know when General Hospital stops sucking, b/c I'm done. Luke always unfailthful to Laura? Yeah, no. Adios crap show! #
  • Despite the way she ruined my couch I took Lindy to the doctor. I'm a good sister. #
  • I'm weak. I'm watching General Hospital. There's nothing else on at 2. But I'm REALLY ANGRY about it! #
  • I'm going to try not to shout at my students today, but I make no promises. Don't know if I'm angry, disappointed, or something else. #
  • new cover for On The Ragged Edge of the World. tinyurl.com/d2upyc #
  • despite the Easter Weekend of Epic Carb Failure, I lost ten pounds this month. #
  • #askagent What is the #1 most important thing to remember for a face-to-face pitch? Have my first in June and am nervous! #
  • About to watch the Twilight Rifftrax. Excited for the lolz, but honestly, I never, ever wanted to see this movie. #
  • Holy fuck, Edward is one creepy motherfucker. And not in the sexy way. Just in the dry-heaves way. #
  • Edward is NOT very good at lurking. In fact, he's really obvious and dry-heavingly creepy #
  • I regret Edward saving Bella. I regret it deeply. DEEPLY. #
  • @James_Buchanan I wish I had your wisdom. this is a seriously horrible, painful movie. it kinda makes me want to die. #
  • I think Edward CAN read Bella's mind, except there's NOTHING there to read. She is blank. A void. The abyss. #
  • @James_Buchanan I'm creeped out by how obviously the vampires ARE mormons. It's eerie. #
  • Edward is the most perfect predator? Ooooooookay movie. What if u don't have a thing for douchebags? is he still alluring then? #
  • @James_Buchanan Yeah, I know. which would explain why this thing is so asexual. #
  • This movie is making me cheer for the boulder. To fall on me and put me into the sweet sweet darkness where this film doesn't exist. #
  • the dude turning Edward was kinda hot, though. wish the movie had more than that. #
  • The Ravenous Romance contract is INSANE. For starters, they basically reserve all rights for all time. That's the least insane part. #
  • @James_Buchanan I'm not going to watch the 2nd movie. I might watch the last one though for the uterus gnawing! #
  • This movie is giving me a serious headache. Nothing happens and then you wish everybody would die but they don't die! They never die! #
  • @James_Buchanan I would but I'm watching with the RiffTrax, which is hilarious. And I think (hope) it's almost over. #
  • @michaeljnelson I can't believe you watched Twilight 15 times. You deserve a medal, sir, for your bravery. #
  • @KellyHK You are clearly the coolest mom on the planet and your kids are awesome. #
  • I buy a cooling fan and a new adapter for my laptop, but the G, H and backspace keys still go out regularly. Can't live like this. #

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