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( Mar. 23rd, 2009 12:03 am)
  • 00:59 My Willow cat is so pretty. #
  • 11:31 Something has upset my cat mightily. That, or she's hungry. Either way, she won't stop yelling at me! #
  • 12:14 Finished galley for The Obsolete Man. Now have to write threesome sex scene. Yes, HAVE to! #
  • 17:41 I don't like vegetables b/c they taste like the ground (or like weeds) and yet I dearly love alfalfa sprouts and wish I had some right now. #
  • 18:05 @Zoe_Nichols Pittsburgh Steelers #
  • 21:23 watching husband play Peggle. It's full of bright colors, flashing lights, and loud music. I'm very distracted. #
  • 21:24 Twitter is invading my dreams. Had dream about @pennjillette. he spoke in 144 characters or less. #
  • 22:38 @James_Buchanan it blows my mind that you have a Little Princess who does cheer and owns a pocket dog. lol #
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Hell no. I would never, ever, ever put myself in that position. I would never say a word or let on that I ever knew. Quite frankly, no matter how well you know a person, you don't know what's going on inside their marriage or inside their heart. On the other hand, I would find a way to let the cheating spouse know that somebody is on to him/her.


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