We've made it to Las Vegas in one piece. I was beat when we got here, but after a shower and a cold diet coke, I feel a bit human. Still exhausted, but human. We're going to get our stuff together and drive over to the Erotic Heritage Museum for a book signing. I hope there are some people there! It sounds like there should be. We stopped once at Wendy's, and I got a chicken blt salad--12 carbs for that. That's kind of all the carbs I had left for the day, and we haven't had dinner yet. I think I'm going to relax my restrictions a little tiny bit--say 30 or 35 carbs a day instead of 20-25.

This room is fucking gorgeous. I could live here and be happy. We each have our own bathroom, a full, gorgeous kitchen, a wonderful table, and a balcony that oversees the entire resort village. I lurve it.

Now we gotta run!


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