The chicken last night was amazing. It was worth the burn on my thumb, and I will absolutely be buying more roasters in the future. Probably 2 or even 3 a week, since they're so cheap, and it'd be easier to have that meat on hand than cooking up the breasts. It was almost worth the burn I suffered on my thumb, which was just less than an inch long and hurt like a motherfucker. It's much, much better today, but I was probably a big baby about it last night.

I had a thought today, while I was reading about some people who find this way of eating so hard. It's getting easier and easier for me every day. Almost to the point that I'm worried I'm doing it wrong. I don't even get all distracted/sad/angry/frustrated by the fact that I can't eat cookies anymore--and I love cookies. Maybe after a few months, I'll start experimenting with more low carb recipes--the low carb muffins and the low carb pancakes were real winners. Almond flour is awesome.


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