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( Feb. 26th, 2009 12:03 am)

  • 22:43 @BillCorbett No, go with Hell's Kitchen on Thurs night. Nothing says romantic like Gordon Ramsay shouting "IT'S FUCKING RAW!!!" #

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Due to the conference next week, I figured I'd better make myself presentable. Since I bought a snazzy new dress to wear to the banquet (I want to look nice in case we actually win) I figured I'd better take care of my legs. Since I never wear skirts or shorts in public, I never shave them. It's a big waste of time and energy. The result of this is that when I need to shave, it's, well, a big hairy deal. So this time, instead of dealing with that crap, I decided to get my legs waxed--just $15 here at the community college! That was tonight. It hurt. A lot. But now my legs are all smooth, and hopefully in a few days, all the irritated red splotches will be gone!

I also got my hair colored--$15 for that, too. I hate my natural color. It is literally the definition of "mousey brown". It's so ugly, I can't stand it. Sometimes, it just looks like it's been washed out. Well, now it is a deep brown with red tones, and I'm quite pleased with it.

I'm STARVING right now. I left home seven hours ago. I had a protein shake and my ricotta cheese this morning, hoping that would be enough fat to get me through the day, and it more or less has. I have a few small things to get me through the rest of the night until I can get home and have a pork chop and salad! I'm not really excited about either thing--this is the sort of night where I'd stop and buy a burrito, but since that is right out, I guess I better get psyched for my pork chop.


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