Every day seems to be getting better. I plugged my food into an online calorie/carb counter, just to see how it was all going, and I'm keeping my calories around 1500 and my carbs at 16-20, just like I had hoped! The cravings are getting less intense, and I don't feel like I'm going to snap any moment and binge on a bunch of crap. So that's something. And I'm even starting to stop when I feel full. Last night, I stopped eating when I had about 1/3 of my hamburger patty left. A part of me was all, "NO! YOU HAVE TO FINISH IT!" but then the rest of me realized, no, I really don't. Nobody is going to get mad at me if I still had food on my plate. I had eggs again for breakfast, but it was pretty late, so I didn't have a lunch as such. I'm going to buy some ricotta cheese for breakfast--heat it up with a bit of splenda and cream and it's just like cream o'wheat! I might also buy some protein powder for shakes (I have a crapload of disgusting soy milk now).

I made this cream puff recipe yesterday. It was...interesting. The batter seemed pretty thick and good during the first part, but got very runny after I added 3 eggs. I followed the recipe exactly, and the end result was something that did resemble cream puffs, but with a very eggy flavor. I told Lindy they were like egg-muffins. She didn't believe me til she tried one. I probably will not try that recipe again. But hope springs eternal, and I found a recipe for pancakes made with almond flour. I know it has the potential to be horrible, but damnit, I want some pancakes! And if it works out, they only have 2 carbs/piece, so it'd be good for breakfast or for snacks.


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