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( Feb. 2nd, 2009 10:17 am)
I was disappointed that the Cardinals lost. Not because they're my team, and not because I have anything really against the Steelers (I don't hate them like say, the Raiders, or even the Colts), but I always love the Underdog. Nobody ever gives the Broncos a real chance (with obvious reason now), and when the Utes went to the bowl against the Crimson Tide, nobody gave them a ghost of a chance, either. Us underdogs have to stick together, is all I'm saying.

I wasn't terribly impressed with any of the commercials, with two exceptions. The first is the Heroes commercial with John Elway swooping in to save the day. Not that it was the most clever spot, but quite frankly, it's my ongoing fantasy. One day, Elway will swoop in through the uprights, ready to save the Broncos. You wait and see! The other was the remake of Mean Joe Greene commercial. It cracked me up.

I also enjoyed the Half Time Show. Springsteen was great, I thought, and his face as he fell into the camera was priceless.

Yesterday, [ profile] eurydice72 and I finished book ten of the Master Chronicles, The Price of His Redemption. I was pretty bummed out. The book was hard to write for various reasons, but I love our guys so much that the thought of never returning to that universe really makes me sad. It kinda makes me wonder if this is what television people, like Joss, go through when they lose a show. That also makes me wonder if that is why Joss made Serenity and the comic books. If I could continue to write Jesse in comic books form, I would!


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